• +80%
    Member Retention

    Fitness Facilities & Professionals

    +80% <br />
Member Retention
  • +35%
    Increased Revenue

    Fitness Facilities & Professionals

    +35%<br />
Increased Revenue
  • +70%
    Goals Achieved


    +70%<br />
Goals Achieved
  • Facilities

    results = retention




Fytns Advisors provides technology solutions for Fitness Facilities & Professionals based on a simple, yet powerful concept:

Fitness technology enables exercisers to achieve results, increasing retention & revenue for facilities & professionals.

When exercisers join a fitness center or start a training program they expect to achieve results.

Fitness facilities and professionals are often unable to meet exercisers expectations.
Failure to achieve expected results is why most exercisers do not continue training programs and/or stop going to a fitness center.

Technology provides fitness facilities and professionals an effective and affordable way to facilitate exercisers achieving expected results.

Why Your Fitness Business Needs Technology
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Complete Technology Solutions

One Source for All Your Fitness Technology Needs

No single product can meet the unique needs of your fitness facility or professional services business.

Fytns Partners offers a broad range of fitness technology options, curated by the experienced leaders from the fitness & technology industries at Fytns Advisors, to meet the diverse needs of fitness facilities and professionals.

United Fytns will determine a bundle of fitness technology best suited to your unique offering and brand, enabling your exercisers to achieve maximum results and empowering your fitness business with optimum performance.


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Fitness app & device cos, equipment manufacturers and other fitness facility suppliers are encouraged to explore the many features, advantages and benefits of United Fytns and Fytns Partners.

We are committed
to enabling Exercisers,
Fitness Facilities
& Professionals
to reach their
maximum potential
through the
application of
fitness technology.- Jonathan Miller





Member Retention

United Fytns has been proven to deliver +80% member retention for facilities and professionals.

Exerciser Results

70% of exercisers who use fitness technology daily report having achieved their expected results.

Increased Revenue

United Fytns has been proven to increase revenue for facilities and professionals by +35%.

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Unified Fytns Equation

Experienced leaders from fitness & technology industries, creators of Unified Fytns and catalyst for the transformation of the fitness industry who are committed to enabling exercisers to achieve fitness results, increasing retention & revenue for fitness facilities, professionals & their suppliers.

Fytns Team

Raj Kapoor

Advisor - Technology

Jonathan Miller

Founder & Chairman

Jim Rowley

Advisor - Fitness

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